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Directors’ Message

To fellow teachers,

Teachers are respectable since we are responsible for every family’s expectation and nation’s future,

Teachers are praised since we are cultivating students’ soul and consolidating society’s harmony,

Teachers are esteemed since we are exploring the unknown realms and the truth of science.

Every student in Confucius Institute shoulders one or more families’ anticipation. Therefore, our teachers are of great responsibility and glory status. We can’t be more productive, rigorous and pragmatic in daily work. Since we are cultivating students’ soul, we should notice personal differences, be human-oriented and behave according to the real conditions. A Chinese saying goes that “teacher should be responsible for students’ life in the near twenty years and the nation’s future for fifty years”. Only in this way can we satisfy people’s needs and fulfill our country’s mission. Confucius Institute will persist in broadcasting culture and strengthening friendship between China and Liberia.

                                                                                                  - Huang Jian, Chinese director of Confucius Institute at the University of Liberia